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. it happened at 5:00 a.m. in west virginia just behind the charlestown racetrack. stacey is just back from west virginia with the story. >> reporter: this is a story of unspeakable tragedy and incredible bravery. this is a fire that started in one barn. a witness said it sounded like an explosion and quickly spread to two other barns. trapped inside were 50 racehorses amend the barns burned some nearby horsemen and women, even some charlestown casino workers rescued to try to save the terrified animals. >> if question save a horse's life it is something we do. like a doctor saving a human beings life. we went to the fire an the smoke was too much to go in the barn. >> within minutes of getting the others out the flames were taking over other barns and we were seconds from getting those out. >> they managed to got out 26 horses from that burning barn. the survivors were rounded up and led in to an empty stable that charlestown raceway made available for them. even a few goats that served as companion animals that made it out alive, as well. a total of 27 horses did perish. damage is stimed at 1.
it was yesterday. moving into marshall, virginia. otherwise, a few spotty showers. even charlestown. here is the forecast for today. temperatures are near 70 degrees. rising into the low 80's this afternoon. the morning rain will come to an end and we'll have sunshine by lunchtime and into the afternoon. southwesterly at 10-15. another chance of what could be very heavy rain wednesday night through thursday. >> the george washington parkway southbound after 123, a deer just ran out in the roadway so be very careful if you're going to leave in the next 10-15 minutes. lingering road work on the beltway. traffic has to stay to the left. we'll take you to a live picture of traffic on the beltway in greenbelt, maryland. i saw that car on my way in broken down waiting for help to arrive. >> ok, lisa. thank you. 4:32 is your time on this tuesday. more rain moves through d.c. region. the storms that moved through last night did leave behind some damage. a tree fell on to the street at massachusetts avenue and 43rd street in washington. a 2-year-old fights for his life after being shot in the ches
at the charlestown race track in virginia. dozens of horses couldn't be saved. >> reporter: 2 horses are con -- 27 heres are confirmed dead and investigators are still shifting through the charred wreckage looking for more. >> you people need to move! the roof is on fire! >> reporter: 5 a.m. yesterday morning a horrible scene. charlestown casino visitors and neighbors saw flames shooting up to 50 feet in the air. this is cell phone video from one of them. trapped inside four separate barns, dozens of thoroughbred race horses. onlookers trying to pull them out. >> you talk to them and let them hear your voice. other horses knew you were there. they wanted freed also. it eats you. >> reporter: 26 horse whrs saved -- horses were saved, but 27 were not. >> they were both laying right there deceased. >> reporter: dozens of horses gone means countless money lost. >> they become part of your family, too. you get very lay taxed to them. it's kind of hard. you lose a lot of medication, equipment. there's a lot that goes with race horses. >> it's an emotional loss. most of these people will never recover. >
with horses. this all happened near the hollywood casino in charlestown west virginia. kelly mcpherson has the dramatic video captured on one man's cell phone. >> reporter: the majority of these horses are owned by people who live in the area and rely on these animals for their livelihood. they are devastated by the financial and financial loss of 27 horses dying within minutes. >> the barn is burning down as we speak. >> reporter: cell phone video shot by a casino visitor shows barns engulfed in flames. inside are horses that run at charlestown. firefighters could not stop the fire that killed 27 horses. this is what's left behind. >> all kinds of horse pieces in there. >> reporter: the horse racing community showed up before dawn to save more than 30 thoroughbreds from the flames. >> they were both laying right there, we found them. they were both laying there already deceased. >> reporter: the fire is still smoldering inside, now more than 12 hours after it started. and horse owners are coming to terms with the fact that they have lost thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment and
tried to help the animals including workers from charlestown casino. >> you could hear the cries from the horses. they were just neiging at the top of their lungs. >> they were panicking. we just turned them loose and people stopped their car, not even horsemen, a lot of people from the casino. >> charlestown casino letting the folks use some of their stables for the surviving horses. the bravery saved 20, but again 27 died. investigators say the flames just spread too quickly in the wooden barn, no word tonight on the cause. >>> a shooting tonight sent two young men to the hospital. the scene was a few blocks from the same spot where two teenage girls and a man were shot last night. a 17 and 20-year-old were shot tonight on 54th street and blaine street northeast. both victims were conscious at the scene. last night three young people were shot on 53rd street and clay. they are recovering. police have not made any arrests so far. >>> as you know, the separation for military families is hard enough. now imagine being a child without your mom and dad for months. tonight we're going beh
behind the charlestown race track in west virginia. andrea fujii has the story. andrea? >> reporter: 26 horses were saved, but 27 others weren't. early yesterday morning charlestown casino visitors saw flames reaching 50 feet in the area. trapped inside, dozens of thoroughbred race horses. in addition to the value of the horses, damage is estimated at more than $1 million. investigators don't know yet what started that fire. jessica, back to you. >>> a fire in northwest baltimore force as neighboring nursing home to vawfnlgt the two alarm fire broke out about 3:30 this morning in the 3600 block of hills day road. residents from a neighboring nursing home had to be taken it another facility. still no word on what started the fire. >>> a man is in critical condition after being shot outside site a food lion in randallstown. officers were called to the scene. when the officer arrived, the man tried to wrestle his gun from his holster. the officer shot him twice in the chest. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, find out the pros and cons of low carb diets and a cons of low c
this is heavy rain around charlestown, blue month, around -- bluemont, over route 7 and skim purcellville and head up to hillsborough and heavy up to brunswick. this is where the heavy activity is right now. west of town and east of town as we get in to the late hours on the and early tomorrow morning. all of us should allow extra time to get to work tomorrow, though. go to the computer now. the forecast for on the, flash flood watch is in affect, rain and thunderstorms some heavy and some severe. we have a tornado warning earlier today in howard county. i they were playing it safe but could be rotation with these storms. low temperatures 65 to 70. muggy and winds increasing. south southeast at 10 to 20 and gusty. we say this all the time and we will say it again. don't cross a flooded street by car or foot. check the sump pump and base and attic before the next batch begins to roll in. talk about the nine future cast. we will put this in to motion and looking at heavier activity. no heavy activity on this, is there. had a little loss of data. we have clouds tomorrow afternoon. i think we
. it happened right across the maryland line in charlestown west virginia. dozens jumped in to try to save the horses. >> reporter: trying to get back to normal isn't easy especially for horses that survived the fire. but there, the lucky ones. the horses people manage to set free. cell phone video shows the danger. >> we have to get out, we have to get out. the roof is on fire. >> everybody out. >> reporter: the three alarm blaze just before dawn destroyed a large barn just before the border of west virginia. 37 thoroughbred horses were killed. putting the fire out was the easy part. >> the real challenge comes with dealing with the people that were here and the dead horses and also recovering the horses who were alive and being able to get them back. >> reporter: owners and trainers who usually compete against each other are helping each other out. >> it's a terrible disaster. terrible, i've never seen anything like that and i don't want to see it again either. >> reporter: with help from the casino, they've been able to find another stable for the horses. preliminary investigation has n
that caught fire yesterday near the hollywood casino in charlestown. witnesses say that residents tried to say the animals as flames shot 50 feet in the air. damage is estimated at $1.2 million. additional horses were rescued from two privately owned barns behind the racetrack. >>> a preliminary investigation has determined that an engine fire caused a series of explosions in a tysons corner garage. this happened on the first floor of the parking garage across from nordstrom last night. one car caught fire and the flames destroyed two nearby vehicles and damaged five more. >> we had to close down the parking garage until we could determine what we had and what we needed to do. we worked with the tysons security, and once we determined the area we needed to confine, the personnel to, and ensure no one else was in the area we opened the parking garage and let folks out. >> reports of loud noises turned out to be tires that were exploding because of the heat. >>> with just over a week to go before the primary, dc mayor fenty picked up another key endorsement today. this morning's washington exami
in charlestown and injured horses. the fire did more than a million dollars in damage. >>> turning to the race for d.c. mayor, the democratic primary is one week away and the candidates are out in full force. gray has the lead over fenty in po most polls. early voting started a week ago in the district. about 9,000 people voted in the first week. >>> president obama is calling on congress to okay a new $50 billion system system husband package. democrats are pushing more erroneous spending they say. >> reporter: the white house says it's not a stimulus, but the idea is similar, $50 billion for infrastructure, filming 150,000 miles of road and 150 miles of runways and building a new air traffic control system. >> anybody want more delays in airports? i didn't think so. >> reporter: president obama says it will create jobs and won't cost a dime of borrowed money. >> this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. >> reporter: republicans attack saying americans are skeptical about more spending and looking for the shovel-red jobs promised more than a year ag
and this is moving from south to north and charlestown, another big batch is coming your way is&this is not an area that got hit heavily earlier and montgomery count he a lot of rain and howard county. that is going to shift to the east and up on the coast. giving you a bigger view here and that is in motion. watching the heavier rain to the west and slide to the south and there is more rain out of north carolina. east of 95, that is where you're going to get the heaviest rain and there could be thunderstorms in there and as that area of low pressure is in tennessee and this is loaded. there is a tropical connection as well and not only to this one but what we will see later this week and a flash flood watch, most of the rain is going to be tomorrow morning and billion line, more showers and storms overnight, especially east of 95 and mostly rain on tuesday morning and may be a hit or miss shower in the afternoon and that is going to clear out. could there be another tropical storm rainstorm? it's starting to look like that and that has been predicted awhile and looks like the heaviest of that rain
mugging in one week. >> 27 horses die in a fire at the charlestown races. this barn sits across the street from the hollywood casino. >> the tour of duty runners. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. we have had some gorgeous weather. >> yes, we have. >> and many of you are heading back to school and heading back to work. so obviously the weather is important today. here is lanette charles. >> if you have to head back to school and work today, you may as well do it in sunshine. lots of sunshine, getting warmer and a bit more humid. we'll see increasing clouds by tomorrow and all that is courtesy of a cold front that will roll through the area. we shouldn't be
. good evening. >> the flame broke out about 5:00 this morning at stables next to the charlestown races in west virginia. dozens of horses died in that fire. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: it happened in the dark hours of the morning. >> how high were the flames? >> in my estimation, 40 feet above the roof of the building. >> reporter: how hot was the fire? >> intense. >> reporter: the worst horse barn fire in charlietown in recent memory. >> this is the worst i know of. i've been here since 1974. >> reporter: 27 thoroughbreds lost. three barns destroyed on a labor day people here will never forget. what does something like this do to the horse community around this track? >> brings them together. brings them together. i'm sorry. a lot of these people, this is their life. >> reporter: i talk to donny, he was one of the first on the scene. he saw the transformer and that utility pole on fire. within seconds, that fire spread into the horse barn. there was smoke everywhere and a mad race to save those horses. >> you could just hear them yelling. been in and trying to get out. an
involved. >>> a devastating fire claimed the lives of 27 thoroughbred horses near charlestown racetrack in west virginia. three barns want up in flames early yesterday morning. the flames could be seen shooting some 50 feet into the air. here is some home video. dozens of people nearby including works from charlestown casino tried to help the animals. they were able to save 0 horses but fire investigators say the flames just spread too quickly throughout the wooden barns. >>> coming up next, antes- american protests in afghanistan just days out from the 9-11 anniversary. >> the scene set off by the way a preacher plans to mark the day and the warnings he is putting lives on the line. that preacher says he doesn't plan to changing his mind. we'll be right back. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. leaf in face, marie, man with computer. [ man ] marie! if another orbitz customer books the same hotel
the leader of a group of robbers in charlestown massachusetts who fear a witness may have seen more than she is letting on. >> take the scenic route? >> had a problem. >> what? >> look. >> so what? >> she lives four blocks away. >> i know. >> we didn't see anything. >> you sure? >> taking her for a ride didn't help. >> we'll find her. >> find her what? >> if she needs to get scared. >> she's already scared. >> maybe not scared enough. >> ben, good morning to you. >> thanks very much. >> i saw the movie last night. it is fantastic. really, really wonderful. it's about this area called charlestown which has produced more bank robbers than any square mile anyway. you grew up in cambridge, section of boston. >> where i grew up was actually ne next to charlestown but worlds away. we knew these towny guys were tough and i guess in short i was sort of intimidated or scared by charlestown. they had this sort of code of silence. really the movie portrays charlestown now as it was in the mid and late '90s when the bank robbery was in the heydays. >> you went back and talked to ex-cons and people curre
to figure out the cause of a fire which killed 27 racehorses. four barns near the racetrack in charlestown burned to the ground. workers described a frantic scene, as they tried to pull horses to safety as the fire spread. they were able to save nearly 30 of the animals. >>> at least one person has been killed and three others injured after a small plane crashed on a residential street in southern nevada. authorities say the single-engine plane burst into flames in a crash in henderson monday. witnesses say it crashed upside down. and local residents had to douse it with hodeses before they could rescue the trapped passengers. >>> now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. as we mentioned earlier, tropical storm hermine is pounding most of texas today. other stormy spots include the rest of the gulf coast, from louisiana into georgia. most of florida and around the great lakes. >> the rest of the country is mostly seasonable and pretty dry. in the upper midwest, expect cooler temps, in the 70s. the entire east coast zooms back into the 80s, ten degrees above the norm app and i
the charlestown racetrack. it's believed an accelerant may have been used. >>> and while you were sleeping, bge and public works crews tried to restore outages. that was because of a power outage in reisterstown. 1500 customers were without electricity and an unknown number without water service. everything should be back to normal. >> and history's been made at bwi. more passengers have taken flight there and kai has more. >> reporter: from sun up to sundown. jets ferry passengers in and out of the airport. and now, the officials say that 2 million people flew through the airport in july. it's an all time record for passenger traffic in july. for our customers, this is yesterday, another indication of the strength of the airport itself. we offer an excellent customer service. >> how do you grade an airport on the customer efficiency. >> how long you have to wait to get through security and when you also arrive. >> reporter: this represents an increase in the passengers and the fees could discourage many travelers. >> more passengers there are, the busier it gets and the more lines you have to
. >>> a barn fire killed more than two dozen racehorses in charlestown, west virginia. many of the animals were saved by people who risked their own lives. right now the cause of the fire is unknown. however, yesterday's blaze caused more than $1 million in damage to the barn and the value of the horses killed is unknown. >> it was like a towering inferno. you could see the timbers through the stalls. there was horses still kicking in there. >> reporter: a firefighter and a casino employee suffered smoke exhaustion. both have been treated and released from jefferson memorial hospital. >>> an environmental activist who wants plastic bags banned set up an eye catching display at dupont circle. it is made of 45,000 plastic bags. he says this represents the number of plastic bags an average american uses in a lifetime. >> the main point of doing this is to show that there isn't a magical place called away. when you throw your trash on the curb it doesn't disappear. plastic pags last 500 to 1,000 years in nature and most people use them for an hour, a week at the most. so the message is we are using
of three barns that burned in charlestown. he says he was out of town when he got the call. it wasn't the property he was concerned about. it was for the horse owners. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. fire officials say whether it ends up being a criminal act or just an accident, they hope knowing how it all happened will bring closure to the owners. >> we're more than 250 days into the year, and baltimore city investigators are already on their 150th homicide. the latest after a glen bernie man was shot and killed in southwest baltimore yesterday afternoon. it happened in the 1400 block at brandish court. police say they found the victim inside a nearby business, where he apparently ran for help. >> it's a wide area. it's one of the thoroughfares from east to west. as you can see, you have homeowners out here, something that's not for this area. >> the victim died in an area hospital. if you have any information concerning this case, you're asked to call crimestoppers at 866-7-lockup. by the way, this time last year, the city had recorded 155 homicides. meanwhile
. and had a wonderful time, and plan to return. beeter than driving to delaware or charlestown. robert writes, no oost state casinos are bigger, better and provide more entertainment value. go to and let ú-send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. ú%xt us at 45203. and enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we wwll hear morr responses coming up tonight on the "late %->> the two largeet carriers at bwi thurgood marshall airport, plan to become one airline now. >> southwest airllnes, waats to buy aiitran foo $1.4 billion. if it is approved, the deal would get southwest into major access to some caribbean destinations. ú% one s sure what the deal will do to prices. there will be less competition aiiport. the combined airline would serve 70 percent of the market aa the airport. in new york. view from inside of the plane. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> i have no dea why this >> what is -- so far weeareea waiver only 50 cases in the world. >> up neet. %-disease.n a battle with a are a look at megan's world, in our cover story, after the break. >> looking at heavyyrainfall
18-yeaa-old cavus vis is at the city lock up. >> 27 horses die, in this fire at the charlestown race trackkin west virginia. and it is all caaght on tape. >> this roof is on fire. you people need to move. the roof is on fire. >> the cell phone video captured by tourists visiting the casino nearby. shows the massive fire engulfing the baan before 5:00. monday. people that shot the ideo helped first responders to rescue as many of the horses as >> you could hear the cries from theehorses. they are -- they were just,,you know, talking at the top of their lungs. >> 30s horses saved. and the cause of the ire is under investigaaion. ú%ows why it could be rough this time around. election wise for the democcatic -arty. wall street journal asked 1000 people if they thought the nation would was going in the right direction. or was on the wrong track. 61 percent say the nation was on the wrong track. %-wanted to control congress.ú people were equally split between republicans and democraas, 14 percent say they are not sure. when you breakkown likely voters, republicans have nearly a 10-poin
charlestown casino tried to help those animals. they were able to save 20 horses but fire investigators say the flames just spread too quickly in the wooden barn. >>> wildfires in the colorado foothills destroyed more homes overnight and forced more than 1,000 people to evacuate their homes. the wildfires are covering more than five square miles northwest of boulder. some erratic winds are spreading the flames and 100 firefighters are battling the fires as well. >>> one of nine teenagers who helped change the face of the civil rights movement has died. jefferson thomas was one of the little rock nine, a group of teenagers who integrated little rock's central high school in 1959. it was the first real test of the supreme court's did he segregation honor. he died of bank rattic cancer. he was 67 years old. >>> how did you spend your summer? a new poll is out and you might be surprised at what many people say they didn't do. that is straight ahead. >>> what a beautiful day we had yesterday with temperatures in the 80s. going to be close to 90 today but more sunshine in the forecast. julie wrig
that killed 25 race horses. this cell phone video shows the intensity of the fire at charlestown races. steve clark and amber take letter were heading home and saw flames engulf one barn and spread to a second and threaten a third. they ran to the dark stable to rescue panicked horses inside. >> i recall him yelling, you need to get out, the fire. i could see the fire cresting over the top part of the barn. we were still working to get the last few horses out. we literally opened barn doors and shuffled them out. >> firefighters worked for hours to put out hot spots, the fire is estimated to cause $1 million in damage to the barn. >>> starting next tuesday, people in virginia and west virginia can get a flu shot. a record 160 million doses will be available nationwide this year. this year's vaccine will include a strain of the h 1 n 1 virus. >>> it is a great day to be a maryland terrapins fan. navy had a chance to win the game in the final seconds but quarterback ricky dobbs came up short. it snapped a seven-game losing streak. it's hard to be a hokey fan, virginia tech lost a heartbreaker t
is martinsburg and hagerstown and charlestown. we will talk about the real threat of flooding overnight. >>> president obama signs a new jobs bill in to law, but will it be enough to help the president's party in the mid- term election. i'm joel brown on captiol hill. that story is coming up. just five weeks until voters head to the polls and with control of congress at stake it looks like democrats will have to fight hard to keep their majority. joel brown is on captiol hill as president obama tries to win over americans skeptical over how he has handled the economy. >> with the election season in high gear and the economy the number one issue, president obama got a chance today to put his signature on one last piece of stimulus legislation before voters go to the polls in a few weeks. president obama is trying to convince americans he's doing all he can to turn the economy around. at the white house, he signed a new jobs bill that brought cheers from these small business owners. >> it was critical we cut tax and make more loans available to small entrepreneurs. small business create m
on charlestown on monday. a fire marshal said dogs detected possible traces of a fire accelerant at the scene. the evidence is being test asked result are expected to come back in a few weeks. investigators are reviewing surveillance tapes for 90 possible signs of arson. >>> another metro access driver has been arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. the powered the driver accused of such a crime. darcy spencer is live outside metro headquarters with this developing story. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. as you mentioned, just within the last year, there have been four separate allegations made of sexual assault against metro access drivers. these the drivers who are supposed to be transporting people with mental and physical challenges. this is the man charged in this latestñr attack. he is 59-year-old samuel kinston of gaithersburg. police say he fonded a woman with cerebral palsy. according to court documents, the woman was not able to speak very well but she was able to communicate information that something had happened to her mother who then contacted authorities. the
in the charlestown fire has reached 29. the flames started in a privately owned barn, just across the maryland state line. now, the assistant state fire marshal who is in charge of the investigation, says the actions of emergency responders actually impeded the investigation. according to west virginia's "the journal," the scene of the fire was cleaned up before crews could properly investigate. and investigators now say they're looking into the possibility that an accelerant spread the flames. kai? >> denise, thank you. there are also concerns about how long it took anyone to call 911 after that fire started. >> a warning tonight to anybody who owns a laser pointer. you better be careful where you aim it. airplanes and helicopters are off limits, or you could find yourself behind bars. wjz is live at state police headquarters. derek valcourt has more on why this is such a huge concern. derek? >> reporter: there are several dangerous incidents over the last month. in fact, last month, a chopper pilot was temporarily blinded while trying to help on a rescue mission. now, those pilots are going on the
to east. pushing through charlestown and almost in the springfield mixing bowl. another round of rain moving into the immediate metro. showers off and on expected through the day, high temperatures around 70 degrees in the shenandoah valley and westward. severe thunderstorms possible locally and east of the 95 corridor and along the 95 corridor. over by tomorrow afternoon. >>> it has been a struggle out of bowie before 197 with a crash. baltimore and washington parkway northbound, first exit after the beltway is closed because of a crash on the ramp. 270, showing you the pace of traffic. the sums it up. plenty of road spray. next we go to virginia in the geico camera. 395 north bound, picking up some of your neighbors on the right side near duke street. alison starling? >> makes me want to go back to sleep. good news for drivers using the capital beltway. the weekend vdot opened two new rafts at the telegraph road interchange in alexandria. this will improve traffic flow and safety at that busy interchange. it did not go over budget and opened ahead of schedule. >>> 6:12, 64 degrees o
the scene not far from the hollywood casino in charlestown races. steve clark and amber taylor captured it. they were heading home to woodbridge and saw the flames that engulfed two of the three barnes. they ran to the third barn and joined others that helped rescue panicked horses still in their stables. >> it was also like an assembly line. i am haltering and we are passing horses out the door. i could see the fire cresting over the top of the barn. we literally just opened barn doors and shuffled them out. >> investigators put their damage estimates at more than $1 million. >>. >> ten minutes after 11:00 is the time right now. strong opinions this morning on president obama and the economy. coming up, a look at new nbc wall street journal poll numbers and why people believe the economy is getting worse. >>> also, coming up, decisions are made in the case against a jetblue flight attendant who made a dramatic exit on the emergency slide after arguing with a passenger. >>> the latest on a colorado >>> a new nbc wall street journal poll reflects the mood of many american as the political s
race track. three birds caught fire early yesterday morning near charlestown races and spots in west virginia. according to fire officials, 27 horses died in the fire and flames were shooting 15 feet into the air. damage to the bar is valued at more than $1,500. >> one church in florida is working anchor across the globe. as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, they plan to observe the tragedy in what their pastor calls a "burn the qaran" day. this has spurned protest in kabul. >> we must send a clear message to radical islamists that we will not be controlled by fear. >> that is the word of god and no fire can ever destroy that. the symbolism of that is hurtful. >> general david petraeus, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, they say the burning with literally increase the danger level for u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. they have denounced the plan as "american -- "unamerican." >> from hermine across, the latest on efforts to control the blaze of a wild fire. >> a multimillion-dollar renovation. the entire facility is getting a new name. i'm jennifer franciott
, destroyed a large barn at charlestown ris track -- race track, just over the border in virginia. 27 thoroughbred race horses were killed. >> the real challenge was dealing with the people that were here and the dead horses. and also, recovering the horses alive, and being able to get them back. >> reporter: adapting to the aftermath. owners and trainers who normally compete with one another are help being each other. >> it's a terrible disaster. terrible. i've never seen nothing like this. and don't want to see it again either. >> reporter: with help from the casinos and track, stables have been found and new arrivals. >> it was a quick turnaround. and we're grateful for the horsemen in our employees who were able to get that done. >> reporter: investigators have not been able to turn up any evidence of arson. and a cause may never be known. when you have a burn like this, a complete burn, basically all of the evidence of original cause is burned up. so it makes it very difficult. >> no words can describe just the devastation from this accident. it's amazing. >> reporter: and trauma
in a barn fire at the charlestown race track. but more would have been lost if people hadn't risked their own lives to save them. that willingness to help is still evident today. >> reporter: trying to get back to normal isn't easy. especially for horses that survived the fire. but they're the lucky ones. the horses people manage to set free. cell phone video shows the danger. >> we've got to get out. we've got to get out. >> everybody out. >> gotta get out. the roof is on fire. >> everybody out! >> reporter: the three-alarm blaze just before dawn yesterday destroyed a large barn at charles town race track, just over the border in west virginia. 27 thoroughbred horses were killed. putting the fire out was the real challenge. >> the real challenge was dealing with people that were here. and the dead horses and also recovering the horses and being able to get them back. >> reporter: adapting to the aftermath, owners and trainers who compete with one another are helping each other out. >> it's a terrible disaster. terrible. i've never seen nothing like this before. and i don't want to
fires earlier this week that killed 29 horses up in charlestown, west virginia. the fire broke out near the hollywood casino near charles town. they found possible evidence of an accelerant in the stable. they gave the okay to clean up before fire officials began their investigation. they are canvassing the area for signs of arson. in herndon, a fast-moving fire forced several families out of their homes. several townhomes were damaged and heavy smoke could be seen from smiles away. but no one was hurt. fire crews say the flames spread quickly because of the wind and vinyl siding on some of the homes. >>> black smoke was everywhere. it was very scary. >> i think it's going to be hard for the community for a little while. i don't believe i'll put up that siding any time soon. >>> investigators believe the fire started in a shed behind the town home. >> well, guess who's not paying taxes? apparently a lot of workers on capitol hill. according to irs data obtained by the "washington post," capitol hill workers owe $9.3 million in back taxes last year. the average unpaid bill $12,000 among
for this neighborhood in boston called charlestown, which apparently creates generation after generation of criminal and bank robbers. but overall, it is the most solid film that we've seen in a little while. >> very nice. i want to get in this creepy movie. i know it's supposed to be a thriller, but it makes me laugh, but this is "devil." everyone gets trapped in an elevator, right? and among them, the devil. >> yes. five people are trapped in an elevator. >> i don't know if we have time to watch it. we'll have to talk over it. what did you think? >> i think it scared a lot of people off, but for all of you out there, do not let that name deter you from seeing this movie, because it is a tight little thriller/horror movie. it's not really gory at all. what it is, it's a mind game. it's really well directed. and what i appreciated most about it is that it kept things simple. you know, it can't go for the overblown theatrics or crazy visuals. it kept things to the basics and that's kind of what works about it. there's sort of a similarity in themes at least with another horror movie that we saw, but
license sea from oppning. >> penn national also operates hollywood casino in charlestown west virginia. %-inn maryland dollars in west3 virginia, and control the %->>the cordish company also sad that penn national, that now operates pimlico race course and laurel park would stand toú benefit if slots were rejected at arundee mills and be built at the race track in lauree. >> so the sttte lottery commiissonnis asking maryland's attorney general, to revvew the matter and issueean aopinion. >> it is not a figgt, that state has, you know, a particular interest on either side. what we want to dd is gee the best facts, and information, and be sound on the law. >> but until that question is %-officials ssy they may delay neet week's opening f the hollywood casino in cecil county. as for voters innarundel county, they have six more weeks to decide whether slots should be3ú put at arundel mills, joon rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> we called penn national several timee today.3 all of our calls were not returned. >> well, according to one group, the recession is overr the national bureau of
reported dead in the charlestown fire has climbed to 29. the fire started in a privately- owned barn just across the maryland state line. there are also new accusations tonight. the assistant state fire marshal cleaned up the scene before crews could properly investigate. investigators now they safe looking into the possibility that an accelerant spread those flames. denise, back to you. >> thank you, mary. there are also concerns about how long it took anyone to call 911, after the fire started. >> reporter: danger near campus. tonight, police are investigating several muggings near the university of maryland and college park. adam may explains what police are doing to track down the suspects. >> reporter: these neighborhoods surrounding the university of maryland, college park, are heavily populated by students. and in the last couple of weeks, they have been the scene of a rash of robberies. >> reporter: the peaceful labor day holiday comes to a scary end for four people. robbed at gunpoint, just blocks away from the university of maryland college park. many off-campus students are now
fire in west virginia. flames tore through two charlestown barns and killed more than two dozen race horses. this cell phone video shows the sheer intensity of the fire. they were heading home about 4:00 and saw flames that engulfed one barn and spread to a second and then threatened a third. they ran to the dark third stable to rescue panicked horses trapped inside. >> i recall him yelling into the barn, you need to get out, the fire, the fire. as i glanced up i could see it cresting over the top part of the barn. we didn't have enough time so we literally opened barn doors and shuffled them out. firefighters worked for hours to put out hot spots. they estimate the fire did more than a million dharz of damage to the barns. >>> the democratic primary is one week away and the candidates are out in full force. council chairman vincent gray has a lead over fenty in the polls. great spent in labor day encouraging supporters to vote early. mayor fenty did the same. early voting started a week ago. about 9,000 people voted in the first week. >>> president obama says his new plan to spend b
of a tragedy out near the race track in charlestown, west virginia. a fire at four barns near the track has killed 40 race horses. that fire broke out just after 4:30 this morning on 5th avenue in ranson, west virginia. it's unclear how it started. barns are not on the race track property but very close by. >>> caught on camera, dash cam video of three deputies saving a man from a burning car. a passerby first tried to get the man out but couldn't get inside. within 3 minutes the three deputies arrived with flames growing more intense, they quickly realized the driver's side wouldn't open so they burst out a window on the passenger side and pulled that man out. he is expected to make a full recovery. >>> one month since the major mine collapse in northern chile and in tension -- and continuations increasing. one wife and mistress has been keeping vigil for the same man. and because of squabbling among relatives sh the 33 miners have had to send up a note designated who should get their august salary of $1,600. the good news is for the first time the trapped men were able to communicate dir
. dozens of people nearby including workers from charlestown casino tried to help the animals. this were able to save 20 horses but fire investigators say the flames just spread too quickly in those wooden barns. there is no word yet on what started the fire. >>> and it is book to cool stud for students across virginia. coming up a little later this morning in our next half hour the superintendent of arlington county public schools, dr. pat murphy will join us live to talk about what is ahead for the school year there. in our 7:00 hour, the superintendent of fairfax county public schools, dr. jack dale, is scheduled to join us live to talk about what is going on in their district. >>> the other big story we are following, we are one week out from primary elections in d.c. the mayor's race likely will be determined by the democratic primary so the candidates are out stumping hard for your vote. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the polls open at 8:30 this morning for early voting at five sites across the city. today, mayor adrian fenty received a huge boost in trying to get some of those v
in and show you what is happening here. first to the west, we see charlestown. this is past you now. the rain threat is over. lovettsville, hills borough seeing showers. upperville raining for a few minutes. purcellville this may go knot and south of you and leesburg, 15 to 20 minutes you could get a shower. to the south and west we are just about over with a shower in front royal. just north of bentonville we have a shower. these are moving east at 30 miles an hour. light showers toward amissville in to faulkier county. so this morning, as we go to the mom bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, mild, an isolated shower. temperatures in the 70s. sun is up in a little less than an hour at 6:43. and then this afternoon, we will warm up to the 80s. if the sun comes out it will be breezy and dry. a fire weather watch is in affect. temperatures in the mid-70s tonight we cool off and clear out. 50s and low 60s. northwest winds relax a bit but somewhat breezy tomorrow. northwest tone 15 and temperatures, in the upper 70s for highs. a real nice thursday. mid-70s in town. on the bay, souther
, northwest of bethesda through potomac, leesburg, western montgomery, up to harpers for ferry, charlestown you are seeing the heavy rains move toward you and frederick county. across the bay through calvert county look at the reds here. we are talking rainfall rates two to three inches an hour with accumulation almost two inches an hour in some spots. you can ' the pinks and the green. these are one hour storm totals here and some of the totals two inches here, an inch and three wears. we have had flooding in calvert county. go back to the doppler and talk about what is happening in southern maryland. we have soon some new storms come in from the northern neck. these are coming in to sane maries county and the ones down here, leonardtown out of the northern neck these guys have potential to be rotating. and potential tornado warnings. they have issued some for these down here and southern st. mary's county, saint indigos through sane maries. leonardtown, calvert county, any of these storms may go severe or even tornadic. little tornadoes but still over the next few hours. talking an it. we
the fire was. horses were trapped in two barns that caught fire near the hollywood casino in charlestown. witnesses say people tried to rush in to say the animals as flames shot 50 feet in to the air. damage to the barns were put at $1.2 million. additional horses were rescued from two orprivately owned barns behind the track. >>> crews are fighting a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes in the colorado foothills them flames broke out yesterday near boulder. erratic 45-mile an hour winds are sending the fire in two directions at once. more than 1,000 homes have been evacuated. it's unclear what sparked the fire. >>> our time is cnn 37 -- 6:36, a new report that says money can buy you happiness. >>> money is hard to come by for a lot of people these days. we will catch up with people trying to find new ways to make ends meet. >>> we have a good morning going on out there. clear skies. a couple of high clouds mixed in and temperatures in the 60s with some upper 50s from charlie in c.a.t. catlett steve in cross junction in the upper 50s but 65 out there and clear skies this morning by 9:
virginia that killed 2 dozen racehorses. the fire broke out near the hollywood casino at charlestown races yesterday morning. witnesses say people tried to rush in and save the animals as flames shot 50 feet in to the air. 27 thorough breds died. 400 others were rescued. the total damage to the barn is $1.2 million. the value of the racehorses is unknown. >>> and firefighters rush to tysons corner after shoppers heard explosions there last night. it turned out the sounds they heard were tires exploding one caused fire and the flames destroyed two nearby vehicles and damaged five more. it happened on the first floor of the parking garage across from nordstroms. firefighters had to close off the area for a while. >> we had to close down the parking garage until we could determine what we had and what we needed to do. we worked with the tysons security and once we determined the area that we needed to confine, the personnel, too. and ensure no one else was in that area, we opened the garage and let these folks out. >> reporter: a preliminary determination shows an engine fire is the cause, bu
is phenomenal. the movie takes place in charlestown, massachusetts, which is basically a city, it's a lower-class city where there are more bank and armored car robberies than anywhere else in the world. you follow one group of robbers who basically bungle a robbery at the beginning and take a female hostage. they safely release this hostage, then they have to follow her to see what she knows. they're pursuing other robberies, all in the process trying to not get caught. >> if it were up to me and they gave me two minutes and a wet towel, i would personally asphyxiate this half-wit so we could string you up on a federal n1, end this story with a bag on your head, a paralyzing agent running through your veins. but i did want to say one thing. you're here today so i can personally tell you that you are going to die in federal prison. so are all your friends. >> it is co-written and directed by ben affleck, and the cast is amazing. jeremy renner from "the hurt locker." amazing. blake lively. very well acted. i give this 4 kernels out of 5. and it's worth seeing. it's not a typical bank robbery
out of their banks, too, from martinsburg wn to charlestown and then across the line into southern washington county maryland near sharpsburg. and the antietam national battlefield park there. that isassing off to the north. and burktsville, they're getting a very heavy downpour there right now. now farther to the south in loudoun county, it's not raining quite as hard there. but, stand by, there's going to be some more heavy rain beginning to move that way, as well as in to perhaps southern frederick county. you may g another wave there. but what is the greatest importance right now is southern maryland. this is the area where we do have a tornado warning in effect for parts of northern st. mary's county, as well as eastern calvert cnty. now this is the particular cell at did show some circulation in it. there may be a funnel cloud from near salmons up to chesapeake and near lugsby, long beach, as well as right around california, town creek, saint leonard creek, greenwell state park, calvert cliffs. this whole area here, there could be circulation here. there may be a funnel cloud
. they destroyed, we're told, four stables at charlestown, races in the eastern part of the state. we're also told a couple of the captured this video helped authorities save more than 20 horses. you can hear the man here warning people to get out of there. >> hey, this roof is on fire. you people need to move. the roof is on fire. >> shepard: area newspaper reports investigators are still looking into the possibility that an arsonist is to blame. a pair of 70-foot columns from the world trade center returned to that site today. the columns came from the wreckage of the north tower. and for the last few years, they have rested at a hanger at jfk international airport in new york. today, teams brought those 50-ton columns back to ground zero where they are set to stand sentinel at the entrance to the museum. >> i said there are two priorities that we have. number one is to build something that will give the families a place to remember their loved ones but for all the rest of us, freedom-loving people not just new yorkers, not just americans, but people around the world tell the message to our chil
up on the fire that killed 29 horses near the charlestown races. fire marshals say they might not be able to determine the cause of the fire. investigators say that evidence of the bodies of the horses have been removed from the scene before they got there. but the fire chief said their men were given permission to remove those dead horses and they did what they had to do to save the other horses. >> the ban on embryonic stem cell funding has been lifted now. just this afternoon, they temporarily suspended a u.s. district court's order they want more time to deal with the issues and the government of the appeal order. they warn that this view should not be a ruling on the case against more of a delee -- delay. >> and they no longer have a negative balance at the car. at the same time, it is the price of the smart trip in half to $2.50. metro now says they might scrap both ideas. any changes are still a few months away. >>> all right, let's check on the evening rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan, any trouble spots up there? >> we're talking about metro, lesli. it might be a good op
live in a one-square mile in charlestown. >> affleck keeps peeling away layers of his town in this fascinating study. they take a hostage. affleck wants to know more about her and a romance ensues. >> they blindfolded me, pulled me around. >> she doesn't recognize his voice? >> the relentless agent out to get them. like a '40 black and white crime in color. the loose cannon, you just wait for him to erupt. and he does. they keep pushing the limit. and affleck's character knows the road is a dead-end. he's looking for a way to break three. if he doesn't, it will only lead to mayhem. >> i want you to know you are gonna die. >> i really have to give ben affleck credit for this film. he comes into his own as director. moody, gritty, complex and filled with action-paced sequences. reminds me of a young clint eastwood both in front and behind the camera. i really like it. i give the town three-quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle! >> what people have been demanding to know since the san bruno gas explosion. exactly where its most hazard
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